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No matter if you’re buying, selling or renting, take advantage of our specialized knowledge and expert services to make sure you get the best opportunities available. We'll make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Review a list of our services below.

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Residential Inspections

Whether you are buying, selling, or just want to have your home inspected, a professional inspection by UFirst Home Inspection will offer you peace of mind.

As certified inspectors and members of the International Association of Certified Home inspectors (InterNACHI), UFirst Home Inspection is trusted by home buyers, sellers, investors and owners to assist them in making informed decisions.

Buying a home is one of the largest investments most people will ever make. A detailed and comprehensive inspection will provide the information needed to make the best decisions and negotiate the best price.

This is why you should choose to have your home inspected by a professional, accredited and certified inspector at UFirst Home Inspection.

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Condominium/Townhouse Inspections

Some prospective buyers feel that a condo inspection is unnecessary since their homeowners association (HOA) will cover many issues. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that can leave new owners on the hook for additional costs. An inspection can help identify issues before you make a commitment.

The great part about buying a condo is that it usually requires less maintenance, and when it actually is necessary, the cost responsibility is usually divided up among individual owners. The HOA has the responsibility of handling maintenance outside of your unit’s walls. Of course, these costs still get handed off to owners via special assessments.

Additionally, there are many potential problems that can occur within the walls of your unit. The responsibility of your flooring, internal systems, ceiling and even shared walls rests squarely on your shoulders. Some units also have individual HVAC units and even their own attics. So condo inspections can be very similar to those performed on single-family households.

This makes the question of whether you need a condo inspection or not a no-brainer. While these units may seem more affordable than a traditional housing unit, they can become money pits if you don’t know what you’re jumping into.

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New Build - Phase Inspections

We’ll make sure your contractor does it right!

Have one of our certified inspectors stop by and check to see that the work is being done properly, before it’s too late.

The inspector can also approve the completed job before you make the final payment to the contractor.

Our certified inspectors offer a variety of services:

  • Project and contractor oversight

  • New-construction phase inspections

  • Final walk-through inspections

  • One-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspections

  • Annual inspections for home owners

  • Pre-Listing Seller Inspections

Foreclosure inspections

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Sewer Scope Inspections

A sewer scope inspection using a camera to video the sewer line provides peace of mind and confidence in the condition of your sewer pipes.

You may think of plumbing when considering a home inspection, but getting your lateral sewer line inspected often doesn’t come to the top of one's mind. It is, however, a very important ancillary service.

A sewer scope inspection is performed by using a small fiber optic camera to video record the lateral sewer line that leads from the foundation of the house to the main sewer line. The recording will show any potential problems with the pipeline. 

Sewer scope inspections are typically recommended for homes older than 20 years. There are benefits to getting a sewer scope done and some risks if you forego it. 

There are many different reasons why your lateral sewer line could have problems. One of them is tree roots. The roots like to soak up the water the pipes carry—they find a small crack in the line and push their way through. This can block the sewer line, causing plumbing issues.

Settling is another potential issue a sewer scope could find. This happens when a sewer line sinks down into the ground and build-up occurs. Plumbers call these trenches “bellies.” The actual land itself can move too, causing problems known as ground shifting—heaving, ground water tables and excavations can all cause this. Older homes tend to have clay or concrete sewer lines, easily creating hazardous cracks.

Underground, hidden sewer line issues can cause thousands of dollars to rectify. Don't purchase a home older than 20 years without knowing the condition of the underground sewer line.

Termite under the floor of a house.jpg

WDO - Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

Our inspectors are Ohio State University trained and licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

We will perform a complete termite inspection and provide potential homebuyers with a report detailing any wood destroying organisms found. These reports outline both any existing damage or infestations and areas that are liable to incur future infestations. Areas of concern include open access points in the foundation or lower levels of a home and significant moisture deposits.

The results of these reports should not necessarily deter a home buyer from purchasing the home in question. Negotiations may be entered into between buyers and sellers to arrange for further prevention and repairs to be made by the seller prior to sale. Sellers may also negotiate on price if termite damage is found.

While we are licensed to treat for termites and other pests, we do not accept business from any of our inspections. This ensures we are completely objective in any findings and recommendations made.


Radon Testing

We’ve all heard something about radon. And, as far back as 2003, the EPA was estimating that 21,000 Americans die from lung cancer caused by radon exposure… every year. That’s more deaths than drunk driving, and drowning, put together.

Discovered by a Frenchman in 1900, Radon is a weirdly silent, radioactive, colorless, invisible gas that comes out of the earth. Its present in 30% of houses – and only in some parts of the country (like ours). You can get more information on Radon, by following one of these links:

When you’re selling your home, its possible you’ll be required to test for radon – we can get the testing done and, if necessary, recommend action to mitigate.

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