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The Hertensteins

"We were referred by our realtor to this company to perform an inspection of a home we were purchasing in Middletown.

We were able to call and get an appointment scheduled with Bradey. He was amazing at working around our schedules to make sure we could do it within a specific time frame.

We chose to have them conduct the home inspection and radon test, but could have also used them for sewer line scoping as well. The radon test was done promptly and the report sent to us as soon as it was available.

Our inspector, Bradey, was on time and did his job with flying colors. For reference, we never thought badly of our previous home's inspector or the overall inspection that was done.

When I say we were stunned and amazed by Bradey's knowledge and inspection report, I mean every bit of that. He went through the home with a fine-toothed comb and found EVERYTHING - from foundation cracks to minor maintenance issues (sink stopper broken) to incredibly small gaps in siding at the top of the house that weren't visible from the ground.

There wasn't a single inch of that house that wasn't inspected thoroughly and photographed for us. He went over the report and explained what each category meant (general maintenance, should/needs to be checked out, and safety categories) and had pictures for every single item he found. He explained the importance of several things in the house that were up to code (natural gas line being bonded, etc) and took the time to explain things we didn't understand."

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Country Style Home

Sandy Williams

"The whole process was easy.

I scheduled an inspection with UFirst Home Inspection and they did the rest, including sending myself and my agent reminders.

I didn't make it to the inspection, but they let me know the same day that the report was ready. The report was very comprehensive and easy to read with lots of pictures. I would definitely use them again."

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Home Deck

Casey Johnson

"The house I was looking at was older, so I booked a sewer scope with the home inspection. I'm glad I did because the inspection showed an issue with the drain piping. I was able to get the seller to repair the issue prior to closing.

UFirst Home Inspection saved me headaches and money. I highly recommend them."

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